Bolt Action: Italian Bersaglieri Starter Army (New Arrival)




28mm Scale

This Bolt Action starter army provides a great value core to your new Bersaglieri army. Whether you wish to build your light infantry to fight in the Battle of France, the campaigns in Africa and Sicily or the brutal fighting on the Eastern Front, these highly detailed plastic and metal figures have stacks of variety and options. Helmets and sun helmets sporting the Bersalgieri’s distinctive black feathers and caps further allow for temperate or tropical troops to be built. Medium mortar, machine gun and anti-aircraft gun support elements provide additional firepower to these elite troops.

Armoured support is found in the Semovente 75/18 assault gun (which can alternatively be assembled as a M13/40 medium tank). The comprehensive Bolt Action range has additional troops and vehicles to add to your army when you are ready to expand your Italian force.


Plastic and metal components.

53 Miniatures
‣ 36 Italian Bersaglieri infantry
‣ 1 Semovente 75/18 Assault Gun OR M13/40 Medium Tank
‣ 2 Officers
‣ 1 Medic
‣ 1 Spotter
‣ 1 MMG Team Gun
‣ 3 MMG Team Crew
‣ 1 Medium Mortar Team Weapon
‣ 3 Medium Mortar Team Crew
‣ 1 20mm Anti-aircraft Gun Team Weapon
‣ 3 20mm Anti-aircraft Gun Team Crew


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