ServIt 20″ Heavy-Duty Steam Table / Hotel Pan Adapter Bar





Use this ServIt 20″ heavy-duty steam table / hotel pan adapter bar to accommodate different configurations of pans in your steam table! Instead of using only full size pans in your steam table, this 20″ adapter bar allows you to choose the size and quantity of pans that will best suit your needs. Simply place one adapter bar across the center of your food well, and it will support heavy food pans with the utmost ease. Additional bars can be added to accommodate smaller pans.

This ServIt adapter bar is designed for heavy-duty use in commercial applications so you can rely on it during your busiest rushes! The possibilities are endless; choose a configuration that works best for you! This 20″ long adapter bar is the perfect size for full size or fractional food wells. Stock up on multiple bars to divide your wells and support pans of all different sizes. Made of heavy-duty stainless steel, this adapter bar is durable and easy to clean. Your pans will be firmly supported with no chance of falling into the steam table water.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 20 11/16″
Width: 15/16″
Height: 1″


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